Father’s Day Gift In A Crate

Father’s Day is coming and if you’re looking for an easy, thoughtful DIY Father’s Day gift that can also be made last minute, I’ve got you covered. For those of you who liked my Mother’s Day Gift In A Jar I give you Father’s Day Gift In A Crate.  Because crates are manly, of course.

father's day in a crate easy DIY last minute father's day gift

Okay, so it’s a fancy crate.  Hey, you can’t blame a girl for choosing a crate that (hint) doubles as a hangable piece of wall decor. Hellooo gallery wall! So what’s in my crate? A few pretty neat things that combine form and function. I’ve listed them all below with easy and FAST online purchase options. Procrastinators unite!

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You Are My Sunshine Printable – 9 months

Blake turns nine months this week.  Which I guess technically isn’t some massive milestone, but I think it is! Nine months in, nine months out. Oh how life is has changed again in such an awesome way. Everything about Blake’s early months are so incredibly different than Kayla’s were. I feel like the biggest difference is that Blake is truly just a happy baby.

It has been incredible to see the difference in parenting on Craig’s behalf this time around.  With Kayla he was scared.  We were defeated.  Life with Blake has been so different and it shows.  It’s clear that he feels empowered, capable and has become an amazing father.  He can frequently be heard singing you are my sunshine (in a slightly less tone deaf style than me) to Blake… Which I probably shouldn’t say here since his buddies will rag on him, but oh well.

You are my sunshine free printable for gallery wall  nursery

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Better Than Flowers Mother’s Day Gift with NEST Fragrances

I created my NEST Fragrances Mother’s Day gifts as part of a sponsored post for Beautystat.  As always, all opinions are my own.

For a lot of people, Mother’s Day means flowers.  They’re beautiful!  They smell wonderful!  They wilt.  Insert sad face here. Which is precisely why I like to give gifts that live on after a few days. If I’m giving a consumable, it almost always comes paired with something meant to stick around a bit longer.  So this Mother’s Day rather than flowers I went with simple succulents and some candles and fragrances from NEST Fragrances.

better than flowers mothers day gift NEST Fragrances

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How To Make Doctor’s Visits Less Scary

It’s no secret that for many kids a trip to the doctor can be dramatic, traumatic and all of the other words that end in matic.  So I’m sharing a few tips to make doctors visits less scary in partnership with my friends from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

how to make doctor visits less scary

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Hot Air Balloon Shopkins Party Favors

If you’re planning a Shopkins party then I’ve been working on some easy Shopkins party favors for you. These Shopkins hot air balloons look festive so they can serve as party decor and make a great little party favor for your guests to take home.  Thanks to my friends from Moose Toys for partnering with me to share this post.

Shopkins party favor hot air balloons for shopkins birthday party

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