50 Gender Neutral First Birthday Gifts

Looking for a gender neutral first birthday gift? Look no further. I have 50 great first birthday gifts that will work for a boy or a girl. Some of these are classic and some of them more modern remakes. Hardly any of them involve batteries, just good old fun! This post does contain some affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Hello Splendid.

Need a first birthday gift? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to give for the biggest of birthdays. Here are 50 first birthday gifts! Actually 50+ gender neutral first birthday gifts. Eating, Playing and looking at very difficult to destroy books are what it’s all about at this age and so many of these first birthday gifts are great on their own or wonderful grouped together depending on your budget. We have owned many of these toys over the years and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen a bunch of them make an appearance in my feed. Ready? Here goes!

Saving this! 50 Awesome first birthday gifts for boys or girls. Most are battery free, educational and super cute!


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How To Start Saving For College

Want to know how to start saving for college? Here’s how to easily start saving for college thanks to my  Your Sunny Day partner SunTrust Bank. #MySunnyDay

Last week we celebrated Blake’s first birthday, which of course was so exciting! As Craig and I were discussing what to give our little guy for his first birthday there were a bunch of things I had in mind. An aesthetically pleasing shape sorter, a very cute pull toy and even a jelly bean ride on toy.  The most important gift however was one you won’t find sitting on the shelves of a toy store. It was a college savings fund.

How to save for college

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DIY Pout Pout Fish Party Favors

If your child is a Pout Pout Fish fan then it’s possible that you’ve got a Pout Pout Fish party in your future. So I’ve teamed up with Elmer’s and their #LetsBond initiative to show you how Kayla and I made some cute, inexpensive Pout Pout fish party favors.

Do you have a Pout Pout Fish lover on your hands? I sure do! In fact The Pout Pout Fish has become my new favorite children’s book for its invaluable lesson that at the end of the day you make a conscious decision to be who you are. Happy or sad, pouty or delightfully puckered and ready to spread the love. Kayla at 6 years old she can fully grasp the concept. Blake at year old loves the repetition and saying blub, bluuub, bluuuuuub over and over before breaking into a big grin.

pout pout fish party favor brightest

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The Dessert Debate Ends Here. Right Here.

Summer is almost over which means we’re supposed to slowly (or maybe super abruptly) get back into our school year routines. Yawn. I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to mean no more staying up late, no more pajamas will TOTALLY work for today’s adventures that would normally require real clothes. And of course no more what the heck, have a donut mere moments before I tell you it’s bedtime. Basically, goodbye fun mom! Hello mean strict mom!

kayla with dairy free cashew milk strawberry smoothie pop

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Give Back for Back to School – SoCozy + State Bags

We’re giving back at back to school with SoCozy’s exclusive State Bags Give Back Pack. Thanks to SoCozy for sponsoring this post.

Do you remember when “I Wish My Teacher Knew” went viral? Basically, a pretty awesome teacher in a school district of predominantly low income families asked her students to write down one thing they wished she knew about them. As you can imagine, many of the the responses were heartbreaking. One in particular has stuck with me many months later.

 “I wish my teacher knew I don’t have pencils at home to do my homework.”

SoCozy State Bags back to school

The thing that really struck a nerve about this child’s problem is that it’s one which is totally avoidable and easily fixed if only someone cares enough to help.  It made me realize that this child is probably one of hundreds of thousands of children facing the same unbelievable issue of not having the most basic of tools to succeed. Pencils should not be an economic privilege.

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