Stylish Baby Travel Favorites

Traveling with a baby is sort of like traveling with a herd of elephants. You have no idea how it’s going to work, there is going to be a lot of poop and odds are someone will wind up squished under an elephant. Or a piece of baby gear. If you’re like me and you want all of the same comforts of having “your stuff” when you travel but need super smart, compact (and dare I say stylish) items I’ve got you covered. Here are my current stylish baby travel favorites.

baby travel favorites text

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Surprise Necklace Shopkins Party Favors

If you’ve seen my other Shopkins party favors then it’s no surprise that with the release of  Shopkins Season 3  it was time to create a few new ones. These Shopkins surprise necklace party favors are easy to make, don’t require any expensive materials and you can customize them to suit your child’s preferences.


Shopkins party favors surprise necklace

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DIY Backgammon Game Tray

This DIY backgammon game tray is easy to create and makes a stylish home accent. Thanks to Elmer’s for sponsoring this post. #LetsBond

Backgammon was never a game I played as a child. In fact if we’re being totally honest, I hardly know how to play as an adult.  Which is why I think it’s pretty cool that over the last year backgammon has become Kayla’s “thing” with Craig. Six has been a tough age for all parties involved. Kayla is strong, sensitive and fiercely independent which means that parenting has come with a new set of challenges as she tries to find her big kid voice. However, there is almost no six-year-old challenge an impromptu game of backgammon with her dad can’t cure.

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DIY Kid Friendly Gallery Wall

My kid friendly gallery wall is easy to make and perfect for playrooms. This post was created in partnership with Snapfish. All opinions are my own. #snapfishbloggers

The last year has been full of amazing moments, feelings and memories. We had the baby we always hoped for but weren’t sure would ever happen – and he was pretty perfect. Kayla started kindergarten, Blake and Kayla developed a true sibling bond and Craig and I embarked on the incredible ride of starting over as parents. So many treasured moments are forever captured and shared on my Instagram account and blog. But something was missing.

kid friendly gallery wall

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S’mores in a Jar Gift

You guys! It’s SUMMER! I was beginning to think it might never come but it did. And the American in me immediately felt the urge to make s’mores with Kayla. S’mores are definitely a special treat in our home…which got me thinking that they would be a simple yet exiting treat to share with friends. So I made you a little s’mores in a jar gift to bring to your next BBQ.

smores in a jar gift s'mores in a jar

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