timeshel – The Instagram Photos I’ll Never Print.

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These days, I can’t fathom not being able to reach for a camera and capture a moment or a feeling.  Which is crazy because three years ago I didn’t even own a camera.  Shortly before my father in law passed away he purchased a DSLR, began taking photography classes and rediscovered a passion he had many years back.  In the handful of years I was lucky enough to have him around he made a huge impact upon my life.  Several months later I inherited that camera and felt a serious need to have it do what I think he would have done with it.  Capture amazing moments with his family and in particular his grandchildren.

timeshel printed instagram photos hello splendid

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Teething is a Four Letter Word

I have partnered with oogaa to share our teething adventure with you.

Teething.  Okay, I know it’s not really a four letter word, but one could make the case for it.  I’m trying to think of some positive context for the word teething but I have NONE.  Teething.  Weaning.  Toilet training.  Oh my!  Does anyone else need an adult beverage when contemplating that lineup?  This photo pretty much sums up how Blake feels about it.

teething is a four letter word bright

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FROZEN Party Favor printable – glitter dyed pasta necklaces

Need a FROZEN party favor?  Make my glitter dyed pasta necklace FROZEN party favors! They’re fun to create, inexpensive and way better than a bag-o plastic junk.  The colors pay homage to Queen Elsa and seriously, what little girl doesn’t LOVE a sparkly necklace?  Especially one she gets to string herself.

do you wanna build a necklace FROZEN glitter dyed pasta

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How To Make Glitter Dyed Pasta

I’m showing you how to make glitter dyed pasta in partnership with Elmer’s and their Let’s Bond initiative.

Parenting is a balancing act in every regard.  I can’t define my parenting style other than to say it’s a constant work in progress.   After coming back from a week long trip to New York where I nearly lost it when airline delays meant I wouldn’t make it home to my family for yet another day I truly yearned for some time with Kayla.  Alone.  Doing our thing.  Our thing almost always involves scissors and glue.  Today it involves glitter and FROZEN.  Cue the virtual glitter canons and six year old girls declaring that the cold never bothered them anyway!

how to make glitter dyed pasta frozen party favor

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Lunar New Year Printable – Orange You Glad?

It’s amazing to see how the awareness of Lunar New Year has increased in the US over the last decade.  Most people don’t realize I am actually half Chinese and this holiday has been a big one for my family for as long as I can remember.  With Kayla attending a Mandarin immersion school I wanted to create a lunar new year printable so she could share some gifts with her class.

lunar new year printable halos mandarin orange gift

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