How To Make Doctor’s Visits Less Scary

It’s no secret that for many kids a trip to the doctor can be dramatic, traumatic and all of the other words that end in matic.  So I’m sharing a few tips to make doctors visits less scary in partnership with my friends from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

how to make doctor visits less scary

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Hot Air Balloon Shopkins Party Favors

If you’re planning a Shopkins party then I’ve been working on some easy Shopkins party favors for you. These Shopkins hot air balloons look festive so they can serve as party decor and make a great little party favor for your guests to take home.  Thanks to my friends from Moose Toys for partnering with me to share this post.

Shopkins party favor hot air balloons for shopkins birthday party

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Shopkins Party Favors – Push Up Pops

Recently Kayla has fallen in love with Shopkins.  Apparently if you’re in grade school Shopkins are kind of a BIG DEAL. They’re pretty cute, fairly inexpensive, small enough to take a bunch with you somewhere and I am still amazed at the amount of time my child can spend making up stories about them, sorting them, counting them and trading with friends.   As soon as Shopkins made their way into our home my wheels started turning and I had a ton of cute Shopkins birthday party favor ideas.   Thanks to Moose Toys for partnering with me to share them with you! Here is an easy one – push up pop Shopkins party favors!

Shopkins party favor push up pops perfect for a shopkins party

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The Honest Company Feeding – I’m Honestly Excited

If you’re like me then you want the best for your squishy, snuggly little bundle of baby.  When I was pregnant with Kayla who is now 6, major changes were happening in the baby world.  A massive realization that things like BPA were B-A-D was happening and you really saw a push of parents demanding better choices for their babies, rather than simply accepting what was given to them by traditional baby brands.  Thank goodness.  Chlorine free diapers were new, revolutionary and ugly looking.  We bought them anyway.  Nearly 6 years later with Blake, things continue to progress.  And now parents have options that focus on safety, ingredients and style.

blake heart honest

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How To Promote Independent Hair Care with SoCozy

Thanks to Beautystat for sponsoring this post so I can share some independent hair care ideas with you. As always, all opinions are my own. #SoCozyAtTarget You can find SoCozy products at Target and check out SoCozy Stylers.

Nearly every morning there is one debate in our home which slowly brings me closer to the edge of parenting insanity. It’s the hair debate.  Did you brush it?  No, you CAN’T go to school like that! Why is it so tangled? How would you like me to do it? No, I’m NOT trying to hurt you! While I’d like to blame the bulk of this struggle on my 6 year old, the reality is that upon examination I could  come to the table with a better approach. That’s right, I’m calling myself out here.

best hair care products for kids, independent hair care for kids, SoCozy

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